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What should be the contents of that file? Please believe me that we have considered doing things the official way, and have reasons not to. In short, the official way is to get the 3D code into upstream Mesa there is no stable plug-in interface. aiglx 3d


Aiglx 3d did not want to do this because on the one hand we do not really want to set the current state of our 3D support in stone still lots of room for improvement and perhaps more importantly, one of the uses of VirtualBox is running old guest systems, and changes to upstream Mesa take an awfully long time to propagate to old systems - basically once the new systems of today become the old systems of tomorrow. Regarding the glxgears frame rates - Linux graphics people are fond of saying that "glxgears is not a benchmark". Regarding my last post Ah, actually, I think I know what's going on Sorry for filling up this post and wasting your guys' time I figured out that I need to recursively unset all gconf settings and reset them, which worked.

Looking great, another highlight form our linux community. Aiglx 3d the end of the year, it may be able to run all cards on all platforms with 2D EXA and 3D acceleration.

Hardware 3D acceleration on an ATI Radeon 9600 mobile

Aiglx 3d allows Compiz and other compositing window managers to be built on top of a traditional X server with a small extension rather than requiring a full Xgl server. There's an excellent post from Soren on the topic of compiz vs. Shaped windows aiglx 3d Xvideo are known to not work.

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  • Hardware 3D acceleration on an ATI Radeon mobile // //
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  • Hardware 3D acceleration on an ATI Radeon 9600 mobile

Do U noticed this problem too? I have also a pc with XGL and it seems to be less cpu's hungry Add Comment. E-Mail addresses will not be displayed and will aiglx 3d be used for E-Mail notifications.


aiglx 3d I know this is a poor card, but we'd sure like to use its limited 3D abilities. For the VIdeo flickeringit is aiglx 3d same on my computer as for the othersbut on another comnputer with an intel cardi have the same problemsi think it is more a compiz related problem.

Compiz on AIGLX - Hanno's blog

An updated X server Xorg 7. Here is the current status as far as we know. It may also help to decrease aiglx 3d bit-depth of your display from 24 aiglx 3d 16 bpp.

Login or Sign Up. Can't get metacity's compositing manager working.

Success Stories with and AIGLX - Phoronix Forums

If I do set that all my windows turn into blueish-purple rectangles they do seem to have some resizing effects applied to them, but without the aiglx 3d visible it's not aiglx 3d useful :. Holy crap. On a side note, Quake3 flashes black in between some redraws and totem stays black when playing movies.

I don't think the id as such has any inherent meaning so it could potentially changeI think though it's always the last mode. But in the end, I doubt if I'll be watching videos on the laptop. For some reason Compiz Fusion the window-manager that does all the fancy effects complains about XGL being unavailable and just gives up.Installing aiglx in Fedora aiglx 3d from source; FAQ.

The Free software 'nv' driver doesn't support 3d acceleration but the Nvidia XXX. Accelerated Indirect GLX ("AIGLX") is an open source project founded aiglx 3d Red Hat and the Fedora community, led by Kristian Høgsberg, to allow accelerated.

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