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Voyage the ne into your si. Your email address android tuntap not be published. Virtual network device can be viewed as a simple Point-to-Point or. NULL. This article is about the network tunnel driver.

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Why Is the TUN/TAP Driver Necessary to Run VPN Software?

Some styles failed to load. It is not simple as that. So what?

android tuntap And when you add a new device, you don't expect it to exist. The solution can be change the ioctls in android tuntap driver so that there be one for adding and one for deletion. I don't understand what you're trying to say.


I was replying to your observation that "ip tuntap del" against a non-existent tap interface does not produce an android tuntap. So I said that perhaps the "ip" program should check whether the interface exists before trying to delete it; if it doesn't exist, output a message saying that. The "ip" which is part of the iproute2, sends an ioctl to the tuntap driver for delete and checks the return value. It indeed does not check existence before. Usually I think always, not surethe iproute2 android tuntap for all other interfaces does not check existence of interface before removing it.


It relies on the ioctl, that the kernel will return an error if the interface does not exist. But with tuntap driver, this is not the case. Hence my comment that perhaps the utility could check for the existence of android tuntap interface before calling the above function straight away although, on second thought, that would be android tuntap and effectively useless in practice.

Networking - How to use -net-tap with android sdk emulator? - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

Hi, I think there is something which is a bit wrong with the linux tun driver. I use the recent iproute2 from git. If I run: ip tuntap add tun2 mode tun and by android tuntap try to delete a non existant tun interface like: ip tuntap del tun3 mode tun I don't get an error. The same is with tap. This same ioctl is used in delete. So you register a new net device. Then there is a second ioctl. So no error is returned.

Documentation/networking/ - kernel/msm - Git at Google

I android tuntap seen the code, but I suppose that this is somehow expected. Perhaps the code should check whether the interface exists before doing anything.

I createa a tun device and when tried to assign it a MAC address using command:- android tuntap tun0 hw ether EE:ff. Tun devices are purely layer 3, that is, they don't really have a MAC address both "ip link" and "ifconfig" show that. What you want to do works if the device is a tap layer 2 interface:. Through iptable tracing, the route in tun0 for the incoming traffic from outside or itself looks different.

But for my package wrote into tun0, it's different.Description. TUN/TAP provides packet reception and transmission for user space programs. It can be seen as a simple Point-to-Point or Ethernet device, which. I have a similar application for Linux/Windows and I know how to open android tuntap tun/tap device (open /dev/net/tun).


How do we do the same for Android.

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