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Leading edge of PS1 an original 2mm 14mm.

Canon CLC 1120, 1130, 1150 Service Manual

Home position Start position. Original Pre-scanning.

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  • Canon CLC-1120 Toner Cartridges
  • MAR. 1999 FY8-13G3-000
  • Canon CLC 1120 Service Manual

Controlling the Scanner Motor 1. Outline The circuit shown in Figure is the circuit used to control the scanner motor PM15and canon clc 1120 the following functions. Controlling the direction of rotation of the scanner motor. The scanner motor changes its direction of rotation when moving the scanner forward and in reverse, and changes its speed according to the selected reproduction ratio.

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When moving the scanner in reverse, the speed of rotation remains constant regardless of the selected reproduction ratio. To accommodate the sheet-to-sheet distance needed when retaining two sheets of paper on the transfer drum, the scanner is moved in reverse at a high speed about ten times as fast as when it is moved forward in Direct. To rotate the motor at a high speed when moving the scanner forward and in reverse, the motor drive power is switched from 8 V forward to 40 V reverse. Changing the Reproduction Ratio The reproduction ratio in main scanning direction drum axial direction is changed by reading every so many image signals for reduction or reading the same image canon clc 1120 so many times for enlargement.


The reproduction ratio in sub scanning direction is changed by moving the mirror mount faster for reduction and slower for enlargement. Scanner motor PM15 Scanner motor drive signal. Scanner HP sensor PS1.

Canon CLC Toner Cartridges

Outline Figure shows the circuit that controls the intensity of the scanning lamp LA2and has the following functions: 1. Finds out whether the scanning lamp is canon clc 1120 or not.

Controls the intensity of the scanning lamp so as to keep the intensity canon clc 1120 a specific level against fluctuations in power voltage. Error latch Timer circuit circuit. Operations 1. If such has happened, remove the cause, and turn on the power switch to reset the copier. Do not use it once it has turned on. Controlling the Intensity of canon clc 1120 Scanning Lamp The intensity of the lamp is determined by the pulse duty of the intensity adjustment signal LACNTL from the CPU PCB, and the intensity control circuit inside the lamp regulator sends pulse signal PWM to suit the pulse duty to the switching circuit, which in response keep turning on and off at short intervals to control the current to the lamp and, ultimately, the intensity.

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Assemble the parts by reversing the steps used to disassemble them, unless otherwise noted. Identify the screws by type length, diameter and canon clc 1120. Do not leave out the toothed washer that comes with one of the mounting screws on the rear cover to protect against static electricity.

Do not leave out the washer that comes with the screw canon clc 1120 for the grounding wire and the varistor to ensure electrical continuity. Do not operate the machine with any of its parts removed, unless otherwise mentioned.

Canon CLC 1120 Supplies

Keep in mind that the laser shutter is designed to close in response to the left door switch i. If you must operating the copier with the left front cover open, you will need to insert the door switch canon clc 1120 into the left door switch.

Do not insert a screwdriver or the like into the laser path. The one-way clutch is in operation while the transfer drum is on the transfer drum frame.

Do not rotate the transfer drum while keeping your fingers in an opening of the transfer drum. The transfer drum, on the other hand, will rotate in reverse when it is off the frame. Keep this in mind. Allowing it to rotate in reverse can damage the transfer blade, attraction brush, and transfer drum side scraper. Original Exposure System [1] [4] [3].CANON CLC – laser copier – cartridges – Choose LD Products for low prices canon clc 1120 Canon CLC toner. Our cost-saving replacement toner is backed by a % Satisfaction Guarantee!.


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