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Inescapable, we guess, but we struggled with the multi-function faders. So far so fair enough, but the Mode buttons don't stay lit to remind you of your selection, and it feels unnatural to switch from making a volume fade to a send effect for the same track. Apc20 are solid and precise for pinpoint performance.

I note all the same after a year of use, one of the faders no apc20 transmits the signal correctly afternoon of blow back in apc20, kick out of luck. The lighting is very nice touch too.

I still go to the APC 40 for apc20. I also used via mappings in traktor available apc20 the net to play a little history No Live device control.

AKAI APC20 MIDI physical controller ACV USED Free Shipping (d for sale online

This is not revolutionary, nor hi-tech but well assembled with a finish very correct and well thought out especially. What I appreciate most apc20 its compactness, given the number orders, but no problem between neighboring controls. I hesitated with APC40 and finally it is enough.

The lack of rotation is not as troublesome as one might think from apc20 the web. Where possible, an update made on one controller will be reflected on all the others. The 9 faders track and Master are sturdy, yet a bit stiff to move. Another 8-encoder section for Device Control handles parameters for any selected effect or instrument device within an active track.

Larry E. Novation not coincidentally, Ableton's UK distributors retaliated with the Launchpad, a cheaper, smaller, USB-bus powered unit which gave the bare bones of Live Session View control, with the benefit of apc20 with other music apps through the Automap software.

Now, instead of coming out with something 'new', Akai has adapted the APC40, virtually cutting it in half and apparently apc20 some of the functionality. The matrix is not limited to only 40 clips: you can scroll and shift, enabling you to access, control, and perform with an unlimited number of cells.


The APC20 has nine faders, which you can assign to volume control, pan, sends, and a choice of three user-mapped modes. With the included Akai Pro APC Edition of Ableton Live, these controllers provide an accessible point of entry into the most exciting and popular live electronic music performance software. The upper left-hand buttons include an 8 x 5 Clip Launch grid; in the Live software, a red ring encircles tracks and scenes covered by the button grid, and you use the the Bank Select arrow buttons to navigate this grid over a session of up to 64 apc20 and scenes.


You'll need to enable Javascript and cookies to participate. Create a new topic About this Question 1. Designed in partnership with Ableton, the APC20 is the ideal controller for performers who like to perform in a small amount of space for maximum portability. From the company whose name is synonymous with the word production, the APC20 apc20 the serious choice.


Select Warranty or Service Inquiry from the drop down menu. Make sure to reference or link this thread to help out the support team.Akai Professional and Ableton are proud to present the APC20 compact apc20 Ableton Live apc20 controller.

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The APC20 transforms your Ableton. The APC20 is Akai Professional's second dedicated controller for Ableton Live. It apc20 you from the keyboard and mouse, letting you compose and perform with.

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