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Printing - Setting Windows drivers for CUPS printer a.k.a Point'n'Print - Super User

Printers are listed via smbclient -L print-server -N ran from a Linux workstation. So Samba's Point'n'Print will not work. View Public Profile. This update changes the behaviour and limited support for non-package-aware printer drivers. The default setting cups samba print$ 0.


cups samba print$ A Samba- smb. Another Samba smb. In this case, all other manually set printing-related commands like print commandlpq commandlprm commandlppause commandand lpresume command are ignored, and they should normally have no influence whatsoever on your printing.

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From time to time the question arises, how can you print to a Windows-attached printer from Samba? Normally the local connection from Windows host to printer would be done by USB or parallel cable, but this does cups samba print$ matter to Samba. From here only an SMB connection needs to be opened to the Windows host. Of course, this printer must be shared first.

As you have learned by now, CUPS uses backends to talk to printers and other servers. To cups samba print$ to Windows shared printers, you need to use the smb surprise, surprise!

Check if this is in the CUPS backend directory. You need to find an smb file there. It should be a symlink cups samba print$ smbspooland the file must exist and be executable:.


It is included and ships with Samba. To set up printer winprinter on CUPS, you need to have a driver for it. For troubleshooting purposes, this is what you should do to determine if that part of the process chain is in order. To install a printer with the smb backend on CUPS, use this command:. But what can you do if the printer is only accessible with a password? Or if the printer's host is part of another workgroup? Note cups samba print$ the device URI will be visible in the process list of the Samba server e. This is an inherently insecure option; however, it is the only one. Don't use it if you want to protect your passwords.

Better share the printer in a way that does not require a password!

Note that this is a feature of CUPS and you do not necessarily need to have smbd running. Have you used smbpasswd to cups samba print$ root a Samba account?

You can do two things: open another terminal and execute smbpasswd -a root to create the account and continue entering the password into the first terminal. Or, break cups samba print$ of the loop by pressing Enter twice without trying to type a password. What might the problem be?

DIY: Quick and easy Samba print server setup

Have cups samba print$ enabled printer sharing on CUPS? It could be an issue if you use cupsaddsmb remotely, or if you use it with a -h parameter: cupsaddsmb -H sambaserver -h cupsserver -v printername.

Is your TempDir directive in cupsd. Use smbstatus to check which user you are from Samba's point of view. Printer manufacturer drivers Printer manufacturers invariably ship Windows drivers with their printers. Defining Necessary Shares. Installing the Driver on the Server.Jump to Samba CUPS or IPRINT Back End Support - Samba supports the multiple print server back ends, such as CUPS and LPRng. For a complete list, see the printing parameter cups samba print$ the (5) man page. Cups samba print$ must set up the printer server back end locally on the Samba host. Samba cannot forward print jobs to a remote host.‎Supported Print Server · ‎Adding a printer to the · ‎Enabling the Print Server.

The Common UNIX Print System (CUPS) has become quite popular.

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All major Linux distributions now ship it as their default printing system.

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