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  • Sony DR BTQ Ear Bud designs Headphones, Sony, Electronics
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Here is what I was looking for in a headset: 1. Sufficient volume so that I can hear I do have a hearing loss and wear hearing aids, so I need some gain! This criterion was met, no dr-bt140q. Its volume is great.

I think some of dr-bt140q set lower maximum volumes to "protect" younger listeners, who would dr-bt140q to play them too loud. I wear hearing aids, except when I'm working out, and when I'm not wearing the hearing aids I need some volume gain. This headset provides the gain, no problem.

Sony DR BTQ Ear Bud designs Headphones, Sony, Electronics

No ear buds because I wear hearing aids, and there's no place for an ear bud to go This criterion was met. The ear pieces definitely do NOT extend dr-bt140q the ear. I get some feedback in my hearing aid when wearing the head set, but that will happen whenever you dr-bt140q an object right over your ear.

This dr-bt140q be minimized through little adjustments in the position of the headset over the ear. Finding wireless headsets without ear buds is VERY difficult! dr-bt140q

Sony DR-BT140Q

It looks like JavaScript is disabled in your browser. Also it's not dr-bt140q appropriate in the car, because one should have one dr-bt140q free to listen for environmental things like sirens, and you can't really wear this headset with just one ear connected.

Ability to use it while exercising I do a 40 minute workout each day, and wear it during the workout. The headset stays in place, no problem. I sweat profusely, and the headset dr-bt140q moist. I don't know what the long-term affect of this moisture will be, but I've owned the headset for dr-bt140q four weeks and so far no problem.


I don't wear my hearing aids during exercise, and the Sony put out enough sound for me to hear the audio book I was listening to. Ability to use it while charging the battery. You can't use this headset while charging the dr-bt140q.

HOWEVER, there is a way to gauge the relative battery strength, so you can know when it's a good time to plug in the charger. With the power on, you dr-bt140q press the power button and let go. Then the LED light will blink red a few times: Three blinks means full charge, two blinks means partial charge, one blink means low charge.

Customer reviews

As far as I'm concerned, one blink means plug in the charger! The battery for dr-bt140q cordless headphones will not hold a charge.Why does the sound skip or the playback speed change during Bluetooth communication with Bluetooth Audio Transmitter WLA-NWB1?

Sound is delayed from. What is the maximum number of Bluetooth wireless devices dr-bt140q can be paired? Is dr-bt140q necessary to pair with each connection? Sound skips or the playback speed.

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