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Now we have two possibilites.

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Delete some programs or buy a new hard disk. But is it really neccessary to delete entire programs? No, but mostly you can delete lots of trash those programs have installed. And we don't need any of them. So delete them. Normally you should have some close looks on every now program you install. Mostly you get many readme files you never want to read. So delete them Keep your Hard Disk tidy! Install emm386 very usefull programs. If your windows crashes daily mine certainly does you normally do not have to load scandisk manually, cause windows does the job for you every time you boot up again after a crash.

When you use the F8 option for interactive system startup for Windows 95 or holding the Ctrl key in Windows 98, you can choose to create a boot log during system startup. Also pressing the F8 install emm386 Ctrl key appropriately for either version during a reboot will process the startup menu for making selections. COM from the command line. The information in Bootlog.

Depending upon a specific error condition, you might need to examine multiple sections. SYS is loading.

How to Install and Configure MS-DOS

Sometimes a memory conflict can cause shutdown problems particularly in Win95 and whether this could have transcended into Win98 is anybody's guess and these conflicts can exist even install emm386 HIMEM. SYS file.


Refer attached topic, which I found and might help to resolve your problems: viewtopic. A Developer. Click the Config. If there is install emm386, then close Sysedit and go to paragraph 2. If listed, make sure this file is in the folder depicting your Windows file folder and the path is correctly specified. Answer yes y for processing the items and watch closely when starting the Process your startup device drivers Config. Continue until Windows boots.


If there is an error of any sort, post a reply to this thread with the exact error displayed. If install emm386 was an entry for Himem.

Check the System Registry file and see if the key pointing to Himem. But it needs to install emm386 in the proper place for Windows to find it.

How to Configure Config SYS

Unless install emm386 are using old DOS programs that require it you don't need it. General discussion. Every time i reboot i get an emm not installed message. I like to always put everything in uppercase, but that is just personal preference. If you setup both of these as instructed earlier, you're already good to go. Run ssh username servername to verify SSH works as well.After installing Sound Blaster Live!I get a message during boot-up the SB something need EMM or similar. I know Win 98 do not. install emm386

EMM Not Installed - Dell Community

Every time install emm386 reboot i get an emm not installed message. running windows 98 on a 40gig harddrive with mb ram.

With and EMMSYS working, it gives you the ability to move drivers and programs that would usually reside in conventional memory up install emm386 the upper memory.

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