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You'll eventually connect a portion of the USB extension cable to these solder point, but before doing so, you need to know where each wire goes. Cut off the male end the side with the same type of flat connector as the flash drive of the USB extension cable, leaving about 3 inches of the cable intact. Then, strip off about an inch of rubber sheathing and any visible metal foil shielding to expose the colored wires within. A standard USB extension cable has four wires: black, white, green, and red. Strip a bit of rubber sheathing from the end of ecs gf8200a coprocessor wire and then plug the connector into the USB port.

Fire up the multimeter and set it to ecs gf8200a coprocessor for continuity. Hold one lead from the multimeter on one of the colored wires, and then probe the four solder points on the motherboard until you find the point that corresponds to that colored wire.

Repeat this step for each wire and you'll know where each color should be soldered. In our case see photothe sequence from left to right was black, green, white, and red. Strip all of the rubber sheathing and metal foil shielding from the cable and cut the wires to about 7 to 9 inches in length. And each color corresponds to a particular solder point in the USB connector. To find out where to solder each wire, use a multimeter to check for continuity between each wire and the ecs gf8200a coprocessor points in the connector.

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T Then, using the razor blade, shave the top, bottom, and sides of the connector down to bare metal. The connector is too thick in its stock form to fit in the compartment on the underside of the Eee PC, ecs gf8200a coprocessor is why it must be shaved down.


Hold onto the rubber that gets shaved from the connector, though; you'll need ecs gf8200a coprocessor use that later. Once you've cut down and prepped the female end of the USB extension cable, it needs to be fed into the Eee PC with the wires routed from the underside to the top of the mother- board.


If you flip the Eee PC over and look through the battery connector, you'll see a small area to one side where you can pass the wires through and route them over the top. Before routing them through this hole, take a few strips of electrical tape and cover all of the exposed areas of the Ecs gf8200a coprocessor visible in the open compartment on the underside of the Eee PC.

This is a precautionary measure meant to prevent any short circuits once the flash drive and USB extension cable are in place. Then, stick the ecs gf8200a coprocessor end of the USB extension cable into the right side of the compartment and route the wires through to the top side of the motherboard. Once the wires are in place, solder each one to its corresponding solder point. Take your time here and use a clean soldering iron with a sharp tip.

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Be careful to touch the hot solder- ing iron tip to only the metal post exposed behind the connector for only a few seconds at a time. Use as little solder as possible to ecs gf8200a coprocessor a good connection.

Finally, if your flash drive doesn't fit in the underside compartment of the Eee PC, disassemble it until just the PCB and connector remain. This process will differ between flash drives but usually doesn't take more than snapping apart a plastic enclosure or peeling away some protective rubber. The flash drive and port we added are nicely ecs gf8200a coprocessor under an access panel, however.

To prevent the use of the modded USB port, we fashioned a rubber plug from the leftover connector on the USB extension cable. Route the newly soldered wires out of the way of the system's processor and chipset and use a bit of electrical tape to hold them in place. Replace all of the screws removed during disassembly, reconnect the keyboard, and then snap the key- board ecs gf8200a coprocessor in place. Now flip the machine over and replace the six screws around the perimeter.

Ecs Elitegroup Serie Negra Gf8200a

Plug the disassembled flash drive into the female USB port that now ecs gf8200a coprocessor in the compartment on the unit's underside, tuck everything in neatly, and replace the cover over the compartment. If all went well, the next time you fire up your Eee PC, the flash drive will be available as if it were plugged into a USB port.

But we're not quite done yet. To cover the now-useless external USB port, we used a piece of the rubber that was shaved from extension cable and cut it to ecs gf8200a coprocessor the port, but a piece of tape will do.

Ecs Elitegroup Gfa Driver Download

Should you accidentally plug something into the port while the flash drive is also being used, you'll have to power the system down, and remove the battery for a few moments to reset the circuit. What would you do? Mario Mayer a. He started cutting, modding his PC to honor one of the best and most popular videogames of the past several years. Mario got into the habit of visiting PC modder sites and soon became ecs gf8200a coprocessor with some of the amazing projects he saw online. He was inspired to try his hand at modding and chose Half-Life 2 as his theme. Mario, who enjoys design and technical drawings, used the milling and drilling equipment in his school's shop to work on his PC project.

Most of the work focused on the Chieftec CS case, which Mario painted a base gray color.The GFA is ECS Ecs gf8200a coprocessor Series platform based on the best combination of the new NVIDIA GeForce single chipset support for the latest Phenom quad. Please visit ECS's Privacy Policy for further information.

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