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Epson V/V focus heightfinding the sweet spot. Photography Forums

My scans of 6x6 negs at dpi easily produce fine epson v700v750 prints to 16"x16" my printer limitationand posters twice that size with software assist. BTW, although I have had the Fluid Mount, my regular scans have been so good from and 4x5 that I have never bothered, although with 35mm, it did make an improvement even if a little more time consuming. Film rocks. And epson v700v750 I 'cringe' to write this, it has 'rocked' for me since I started making pictures with my Dad's Kodak in the early 's.

My feeling is they never took the time to learn the machine. Like I figure I made the best choice I could and stuck with it and played around over and over until I got it right. I've recently purchased the V and have been reading every thread I can for how to epson v700v750 better scans. The first few weeks, as Colin said, have been pretty miserable, and there's little to indicate epson v700v750 the situation is about to improve. I'm in the great position of having some dedicated time to learn the machine -- just under one month of vacation.

Sure, there's other things I plan to do, but I'm really willing to sink significant hours into this if I can walk away from it in epson v700v750 September feeling as if I have been able to get scans that have increased sharpness and better quality. Epson v vs. Has anyone used both? Returns Accepted.


Authorized Seller. Completed Items. NO wet mounting.

Quando hai finito, seleziona il bottone Registrati a fondo pagina. There is no better, more comfortable and more efficient way to clean your film material. This can be helpful with curled film where the subject is not sitting in the expected plane of focus. It may also be worth experimenting with to find the optimum height setting epson v700v750 your particular scanner. A big part of the scanning experience -- both frustration and thrill -- is the software. As we noted, we confine ourselves to using VueScan and LaserSoft Ai, both of which get our recommendation, although we would really like to see better user interfaces.

Batch scanning with these applications has been a bit more trouble than with the manufacturer supplied software which knows just where the holders put the images.


But LaserSoft Ai in version 6. And VueScan does have a batch scan option, although it isn't automated you have to crop each image individually. None of these solutions is perfect. Sometimes annoyingly so, as when you meticulously crop a thumbnail preview only to get a misregistered high resolution scan. But you can learn to work around most of the imperfections. On the hardware side, scanning with the V is simple. I can't say that I had any particular reflection problems with the V, but that isn't compared to anything. I downloaded and tried trial versions of both the Vuescan and the Silverfish software and ended up using the Epson software that came with the camera, as I didn't feel that I gained that much from the others for the expense.

There are some good features that those other software packages have such as built in profiles for most major negative colour films, but I felt that I epson v700v750 adjust my workflow to get adequate colour from the Epson software.

However, if most of my scanning was colour negative film rather than colour slides, I might feel differently and want to invest in the other packages. I did end up getting different holders for MF and epson v700v750.

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ledset cctv4 wdmRe: Epson v700 vs. v750?

I fluid mount a lot of 4x5. I ended up deciding to use Silverfast.


epson v700v750 Yes, the interface is mediocre Color neg profiles are pretty decent and effective. Why does this happen? Can I scan film with my product? Enjoy your ''flu shots''. Nabhar, post something topical in regard to the thread or I'll have you strung up. It was about the difference between two Epson models. Thanks, and have a lovely day. I know my will do 12 35mm frames and 2 6x6 frames in one pass. Interested in if the would save me some time in the setup to scan and epson v700v750 of babysitting required to scan a roll of film.

Here is one hell of a review of the V and comments on the V www. The V epson v700v750 do 24 35mm negatives at a time. Depending on the holder the MF will be different as I have seen after market holders that hold more than the stock holder I do 6 at a time of 6x6 with the stock holder.Well you can always upgrade to the V from the V by getting I got the fluid mount sent to me free by Epson, having purchased the Epson introduced these two film epson v700v750 at PMA in February The $ V Photo is available today and the and the $ V Pro is.

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