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Toshiba eSTUDIO c

Take off the right rear hinge cover. Pull out the upper and lower drawers. Remove 2 screws and take off the right estudio 2330c hinge cover. Open the ADU and 2nd transfer unit. Remove 3 screws and take off the right inner cover. Take off the RADF or the platen cover. Take off the left upper cover. Take off the rear cover A variety of estudio 2330c can be expressed by mixing the three primary colors: Yellow, magenta and cyan.

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canon imageprograf w6400 printerMULTIFUNCTIONAL DIGITAL COLOR SYSTEMS

Red can be created by mixing yellow and magenta; blue estudio 2330c be created by mixing magenta and cyan; green is created by mixing cyan and yellow; and mixing all the three primary colors allows you to obtain black. In this equipment, 4 color process units EPUwhich include a drum, a developer unit and a main charger, for yellow, magenta, cyan and black are placed in parallel. An image with estudio 2330c 4 developed colors is transferred on the transfer belt by layering the colors one by one 1st transfer.

Then the image is formed on a sheet by estudio 2330c transferred from the transfer belt by the 2nd transfer roller 2nd transfer. Photoconductive drum.

Discharging: Eliminates the residual charge from the surface of the photoconductive drum. The outer layer is a photoconductive layer made of an organic photoconductive carrier OPCand the inner layer is an aluminum conductive base in a cylindrical form. The photoconductive carrier has a special property: when it is exposed to estudio 2330c, the electrical resistance it possesses increases or decreases with the strength of the light. Estudio 2330c Strong incident lightDecreases resistance works as a conductor.

Weak incident lightIncreases resistance works as an insulator. Thus it forms a negative charge image on the drum surface.


As this negative charge image on the drum is not visible to the human eye, it is called an electrostatic latent image. Surface potential V. The needle electrode produces negative corona discharge, which is controlled by estudio 2330c grid so that the drum surface is evenly charged with negative potential. The surface potential on the drum is determined by the grid potential and is controlled to a fixed value by the grid control circuit. The light reflected from the original is directed to the Charge Coupled Device CCD and this optical image information is converted to electrical signals image signalswhich are then transmitted to the image processing section via the scanning section control PC board. The image data corresponding to the respective RGB colors is then transmitted to the image processing section.

Example CCD light receiving amount. Value of image signals to be output Difference estudio 2330c "light " and "dark" is divided into steps. Namely, the image signals transmitted from the image processing section are converted into optical signals laser emission by the semiconductor laser element, which are then used to expose the drum surface, thus forming an electrostatic latent estudio 2330c there.

Toshiba eStudio c Service Manual Image Scanner Microsoft Windows

Image processing section. Developer material is supplied to the photoconductive drum surface by means of a magnetic roller, allowing the toner in the developer material to adhere to the areas on the drum surface where the potential is lower than the developer bias which is applied to the magnetic roller reverse development. When the potential of the photoconductive drum is higher than the developer bias. When the estudio 2330c of the photoconductive drum is lower than the developer bias. The toner is charged to a negative polarity estudio 2330c the carrier to a positive polarity, due to the friction with each other caused by mixing.

Toshiba EStudio 2330c Colour Photocopier

Toner: Mainly consists of resin and coloring. Carrier: Consists of ferrite, and over its surface resin coating to provide consistent frictional electrification. Note: If estudio 2330c developer material is used for a long period of time beyond its normal life spantoner will become caked onto the carrier. The performance of the carrier is lowered.Toshiba eStudio c printer cartridges and consumables at discount prices. Fast delivery in Australia from Inkjet Wholesale. Toshiba eStudio C Refurbished Color Copier.

Major component, 30 day parts & drum warranties. Purchase/Lease/Financing options available.

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