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Make sure you hit each option off of turf so that you get golf town rbz realistic sense of the ball flight, and go for the one that gives you consistently the best control over direction and trajectory.


Good luck, and thanks for reading! Your analysis about the length of drivers makes sense to me. My colleagues have been puzzled as to why I hit longer with my 4 woods than golf town rbz driver.

I always felt that my swing was some how different for the driver as compared to other clubs. I was thinking of shortening my driver but I will now try to chock down on it to see if it makes difference. I also wonder whether long drivers can create stress golf town rbz your back, shoulders and wrists. Alan, I think you are right on track.

Taylormade Rocketballz

A lot of golfers do very well with the length of a 4 or 5-wood, and the loft of about a 3-wood. Modern drivers really do not relate to the rest of the set, and really require a golf town rbz different setup and swing. Best of luck, and thanks for reading! I have been struggling hitting irons below about a seven iron. I now choke down on all my shafts driver included. The result is that I am swinging better and making good contact with all my irons. I have in effect shortened the shafts.


The distance is excellent compared to previous sets ups. I am now able to put all the good golf town rbz I have learnt into action most of the time. I am excited by the results of shortening the club.

Maybe I should get the pro to take half an inch of all my clubs — putter included. Yes I go down the shaft on that one too. I am 5 foot 8 inches tall. By the way, my putter is probably about 32 inches. I am a one handed player golf town rbz hand playing right handed. I place my hand on the grip in the same location as if I had both hands. I had a fitting recently and he suggested shorter clubs and gripping them at or near the end of the grip to increase clubhead speed. He even mentioned possible trying womens length clubs.


Golf town rbz know I grip my current set too tightly as my glove wears quickly. Thanks for reading, and best wishes! Went to a local club swap Saturday and picked up two clubs.

Picked up a TaylorMade R7 Quad I got both clubs because I want to do some testing of shorter than normal wood and the movable weight system of the TaylorMade clubs will allow me to adjust the weight of the head to compensate for cutting down the length of the shafts of both clubs. This is a great way to figure out what length works best for each golfer as it allow for adjusting the golf town rbz weight as you cut down the shaft one step at a time until you find the BEST length for you or a customer.

Will do some testing with the golf town rbz shafts but will install a good after market shaft before either club goes in my bag. This is a golf town rbz article, and based on my experience I have been playing since I was a kid and grew up taking lessons and honing my swing fundamentalsI want to believe you. Last week, I got my first custom set of irons at Golfsmith.

Last weekend, I played my first round with the clubs with mixed results. At address, they look and feel fantastic. However, I had a few swings where, although the ball seemed to fly higher and pretty consistently straight, the distance was a good 5 to 10 yards shorter than how long I used to hit the same irons Golf town rbz my old set was standard length. That said, when hit purely, golf town rbz contact felt better than ever, my accuracy was excellent, and I rarely had serious mis-hits.

Should I be worried that I should have gone with standard length? Is it normal to see the results that I saw?

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Could golf town rbz be an effect of me just having to get used to a slightly shorter club than the ones I have hit over the past 20 years playing?Golf Town Limited. RBZ Driver. 1; 2; 3. TAYLORMADE RBZ Driver. Rated 0 out of 5 stars.

Anyone still gaming the OG RBZ 3 Wood? — GolfWRX

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Golf Town Limited. TAYLORMADE RBZ Rescue Rated 0 out of 5 stars. No ReviewsWrite the First Review.

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