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This is in part to the high-quality microphones I was using, hoontech point being though that the card captured this quality. The GigaSampler Rickenbacker bass was nicely represented hoontech my voice, well it was my voice.

ST Audio Central

I particularly liked the way the system sounded when playing the Drag and Drop Drummer. This program features well-recorded actual samples of drum beats, including drum loops and single beats. hoontech

The hoontech played these samples very accurately from the low visceral thump of the bass drum, the crack of the stick striking the snare drum and the shimmer of the cymbals. It sounded great. It must be something about drums I guess because this was really fun to listen to. As an aside, I played the Hoontech GigaPiano which sounded just like a Yamaha Grand, giving an accurate impression of a real piano.


Although the user's guide shows some pictures of passive multimedia acoustic models which are hoontech by Hoontech specially for this purpose, the given system has nothing in common with professional usage plastic cabinets, small dimensions, you know. If Hoontech corrected this problem, possible it will be a good card.

Hoontech Mac/PC Sound Cards

Lows XLR connectors can't help not very good sound quality; contrary hoontech the DSP24 value, the daughter board has no MIDI interfaces; results of the measurements are not so good for such pretentious professional card. Write a comment below. No registration needed! Does anyone have one of these cards? Is it possible that my MD is creating new tracks automatically when I am recording several WAV- or MP3-files via the digital output of the digital bracket?

Yes and no. Sadly there is no standard for hoontech and drivers to control a function like this. That means that this website mainly has the intention to inspire users that help other users. Can I continue using my ST Audio hardware? Probably, it is resulted from hardware mixing of those 20 channels hoontech unavoidable reduction of the dynamic range and anti-aliasing by dithering. Despite a high-fidelity testing signal the AFC breaks after 20 kHz.


You hoontech notice that the graph drops out because of superposition of harmonics and mistiming of the testing and resulting signals in course of operation of the measuring program. Quite attractive sampling characteristics in the 16bit Hz mode lacking for numerous harmonics make this card an excellent purchase for operation in this mode. Take a closer look at the IMD graph. Mirroring of the signal spectrum at 24 kHz indicates at resampling into 48 kHz at a certain stage of signal sampling. The characteristics at 24bit 96kHz are worse than at 16bit Moreover, when we applied a sinusoid with hoontech frequency over 24 kHz quite noticeable harmonics appeared in the audible spectrum; they reached half of the level of the original amplitude.

At 24bit 96kHz the testing in a digital mode failed because of breakup of the synchronization in some tests. The ease of use made it all the more attractive, I did not have to do any special cable routing or hoontech settings, I had to simply plug in and listen. Tech Support : Hoontech supports a unique approach to tech support. Their website at www. To a degree, the tech support folks from Hoontech participate as well. At first, it seemed a bit odd to me because some of the posts were downright mean, with very unhappy customers. Moreover, the language barriers revealed itself at times.

Nonetheless, Hoontech deserves credit for exposing their dirty laundry, such as it may be perceived, rather than hiding behind "email only" tech support. The forum provides a unique opportunity for a potential buyer to observe real feedback about the products before buying and for Hoontech to get a clear perspective on the public's perceptions and opinions about their products and their company. This site hosts no abandonware. After the agreement was cancelled following severe financial problems of Hoontech that ultimativly resulted in closing the companythe rights and intellectual propery of ST Audio and hoontech products hoontech sold to HiTeC, totally out of the control from ESI.

Hoontech ST Audio DSP24 MKII Professional Sound Card Review

Alright, we hoontech that this comment is heard from time to time, however it is not really true. Passive speakers without an amplifier will not give you enough output volume. No, with current drivers and the common DVD player applications this is not possible. Is it possible to install hoontech card in a system with onboard-sound or another soundcard? Yes and no.

Sadly there is no standard for applications and drivers to control a function like this.FAQ: SoundTrack Digital Audio 4ch/16ch. Note: we recommend to check the General FAQ section as well. hardware and driver related topics. 1. Does the card. Hoontech has stopped the driver hoontech for this card (also as the ST DDMA was discontinued quite some time before Windows and Windows XP. hoontech


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