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Beginning Lessons. Home Studio Basics. Know Your Keyboards. The tape inputs and outputs are on phono connectors, as is usual on mixers of this mackie onyx firewire, and right next to these connectors is a powered BNC socket for connecting an optional 12V lamp such as a Mackie's own Little Lite. There's also the option to use an external talkback mic if needed — an External Mic selector switch is included in the talkback controls. When talking to the control-room outputs, the control-room signal level drops by 20dB to make sure you are heard over the music. The master fader is a single 60mm, stereo fader which, like all the channel faders, has 10dB of additional gain above unity. There's nothing at all complex or unusual about the way this little mixer operates, mackie onyx firewire how does it sound?

Onyx Driver Matrix For complete compatibility details and download links, click here. Behringer has some with usb soundcards allowing multitrack recordings.

Onyx-i Series Production Mixers - Mackie

Oh great! A gain trim control on the interface card allows mackie onyx firewire user to adjust the recording level sent to the DAW from the pre-fader stereo output. Although the return path from the computer is only stereo, the vast majority of people now mix within their DAW software so as to be able mackie onyx firewire make use of processing plug-ins, so this isn't a serious limitation.

Photo: Mark Ewing As you'd expect from a Mackie mixer, the Onyx has a solid-steel construction and uses all-metal jack sockets, where the majority of the connectors are mounted on the top panel for easy access — D-Subs, inserts, aux sends, and power inlet are on the rear, as are the XLR main outputs and the external talkback mic input. A long covered slot allows for the installation of the Firewire card, and power comes directly from the mains rather than from an external PSU, accepting any standard international supply voltage without the need to switch.

The overall styling, though a departure from the traditional Mackie livery, is still an exercise in clarity and functionality. Follow this Product. If you're using the Onyx simply to combine the outputs from Pro Tools to create your final mix, you can patch in your hardware processors using the mixer inserts and aux sends in the usual way. Inserts are provided on the main outputs, while the stereo Tape ins and outs are on RCA phonos. My only gripe with the i is that you cannot send post-fader effects through each channel mackie onyx firewire FW. There are some mods you can do to it but never investigated it properly if can resolve my niggle.


Other Stuff. From the incredibly good-looking and rugged steel chassis, to the sealed potentiometers, Onyx-i mixers are built with only the best components mackie onyx firewire to survive years of abuse.

Zero-latency overdubs have never been easier to set up or control. The shelving high-frequency control sounds perfectly smooth and predictable, but a 'bell' EQ is often nicer for adding air and breath to a vocal or instrument sound, hence my mackie onyx firewire for more upper mid-band reach.

Field Test: Mackie Onyx Analog Mixer - Mixonline

A new master talkback section is located conveniently on the front edge of the mixer. Photo: Mark Ewing At the low end, it was possible to use gentle mackie onyx firewire to thicken the mackie onyx firewire and add weight without clouding the end result in the way that the original Mackie EQ could if it was overused. While I'd recommend most small-desk EQs be used for cutting rather than boosting, this one sounds musical in boost mode too, provided that you don't get too carried away. I haven't had a problem with this, and actually like it so far. When mixing live, I often find I'm pushing the levels pretty hard on the board, and it's about impossible to reach the digital clipping level with this FireWire output design.


The signal I get in Logic from live recording is totally useable. So I really like this mixer's combination of sound mackie onyx firewire the built in DAW interface. I ended up returning the i to Amazon thanks Amazon - as always!

Onyx-i Series

I needed more mic mackie onyx firewire, so i got a i instead. I will preface this review by saying that I am, by no means, an audio expert.

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But I have worked with a wide variety of mixers in live audio environments mainly at a movie theater for various types of events live music, lecture, sketch comedy among them and have always found the Mackie mixers mackie onyx firewire be the best to work with in terms of ease of use, features, sound quality, and durability. I bought this one specifically to use for recording live comedy events. Tape In has its own level control, and can be routed to the main mix using the Tape To Main Mix button.

Even with a half-dozen mackie onyx firewire mics in a typical concert hall setting, the results were amazingly quiet. As a longtime VLZ Pro mic preamp user, I found the pre's worth the upgrade cost alone — they are the cleanest, smoothest and quietest you'll find just about anywhere at this price.

Ayoub UTC 1. Any of you guys got something to say about it - pros and cons? I still use the i for projects or large improv recording sessions. Stability wise, inthey work pretty well.Onyx-i Series FireWire Production Mixers combine the benefits of mackie onyx firewire powerful computer interface with the hands-on control of a premium analog. section, the Onyx i is the flagship mixer of the Onyx-i series. The Onyx i is equipped with 16x16 FireWire capability, allowing all channels, aux sends.

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