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The Cube mobiblu mp3 between 6 and 7 hours on a single battery charge, falling short of the 8 to 10 hours advertised. The microphone, which doubles as a recessed reset button, is on the bottom side of the player. Un-adjustable cassette adapters, including mobiblu mp3 cassette-shaped MP3 players, give terrible results with some decks.

MobiBLU Cube 2 - successor to "world's smallest" MP3 player

I found the Mobiblu worked fine on its middle setting on the decks I tried, though. Talking in a normal voice from a foot or two away from the DAH gives a very clear result, regardless of mobiblu mp3 orientation of the player. Voice notes are recorded as 32 kilobit per second AD PCM files, which gives you about 18 hours of voice-note space in the DAH's player's internal memory, if you don't put anything else there. The files are stored in their native ". Read complete review Comments 0.

Navigating your songs is done using the file system which users create on the player when it is operating as a Mobiblu mp3 storage device. Sure, you can pay about the same to get on the waiting list for a 1Gb iPod Shuffleand there are plenty of other options in the same price range that also have much more storage than the Mobiblu mp3 player.

And screens. I contend, however, that you cannot slap any kind of normal MP3 mobiblu mp3, let alone cute little screenless iPod, into your Panasonic RX and proceed to blast the ghetto with your fresh sounds yo.


Aus PC Market mobiblu mp3 longer sell the Mobiblu player, but they've got plenty of others! Mobiblu's page for the DAH Ask a question Compare. Review this product. Also, the blue OLED screen is so small that it displays only three lines of information, and six characters across. The things are on sale in discount stores now, for heaven's sake; they'll mobiblu mp3 in cereal boxes next week.

MobiBLU DAHi - Wikipedia

The tuners, these days, are often real integrated components, not some gimmicky separate unit. And, unlike the bad old days when mobiblu mp3 cameras and MP3 players mobiblu mp3 only talk to computers through some piece of proprietary software, the modern versions all work as USB Mass Storage Devices; you just plug 'em into a current Windows PC or Mac or, probablyLinux box and they turn up as a removable drive. Dedicated geeks will, at a glance, recognise the class of gadget into which the Mobiblu DAH fits.


Normal humans will need some further explanation. Recharge the battery with USB cable.

MobiBLU Cube 2 - successor to "world's smallest" MP3 player

Check to see if the unit is on HOLD. Buttons are not working?

Check available memory capacity. LCD is not activated?

Check the battery. See questions and answers.


Share your thoughts with other customers. Click mobiblu mp3 button fast and it does X. The cube shape does not allow for such placement, but the size of the player is small enough that this should not be a major issue.The MobiBLU DAHi, colloquially referred to as the "Cube", is an MP3 player which is the world's smallest player with FM Radio and Sound Recorder at. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for MobiBLU Dah- i 1gb Mp3 Digital Cube Audio Player at the best online prices at eBay!.

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