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April 22, at am. What brand and size of HDTV do you have? Is it a Samsung motorola dcx-34xx avc panel any chance? Jarrett says:. May 8, at pm. May 9, at am. Good luck and Thanks for Reading Techtipsandtoys. May 29, at pm. May 30, at pm.

Installation Manual DCX3501-M. High-Definition DVR

Rob says:. June 10, at pm. Eric says:.


July 12, at pm. Good luck. Wayne says:. July 14, at pm. Hope I helped — Good Luck! July 15, at am. Thanks again for your help. July 15, at pm. Tom Motorola dcx-34xx avc panel says:. If so i will have to switch to another service provider because the noise is too loud for a bedroom which is what I wanted this product for. Trackbacks are Off. Pingbacks are Off. Refbacks are Off. Forum Rules. Terms of Use.

Cable Show Motorola Unboxes Digital-Only Multiroom DVR - Multichannel

For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Remote Diagnostic Capabilities. While both HDMI and Component video outputs work at the same time time, the HDMI resolution takes priority so if you plan on using both outputs motorola dcx-34xx avc panel feed two different displays then both displays must have the same resolution capabilities otherwise the HDMI display will only work and the component video display will not sync if it is a lower resolution than the HDMI display. Lots of clicks, but motorols motorola dcx-34xx avc panel there: If so i will have to switch to another service provider because the noise is too loud for a bedroom which is what I wanted this product for. Cart is empty. This site requires JavaScript to function properly. Add a personal message. Is it possible to keep the original box long enough to watch any shows that you have recorded and use the new box to record new shows.

Most broadcast rights agreements allow you to make and retain a digital recording of a show on the original HD of the DVR however they do not allow you to transfer, duplicate, rebroadcast or redistribute digital recordings from motorola dcx-34xx avc panel HD on your PVR. Copy protection and DRM digital rights management is a pain for law abiding users but motorola dcx-34xx avc panel necessity in the digital age to insure the content creators rights are protected. Yes, but if cable companies are mandated by content creators and programming-rights holders to disable the fire wire port, why is it that in the US they are prevented by the courts from doing so?

For the most part, Canadian cable companies display material from those same creators and programmer- rights holders.

Obviously Shaw could temporarily remove the block to the port, change the encryption setting, copy the content to a new hard drive and install it in the same machine. Then they could turn the encryption back on and disable the fire wire port again.

That way, they could be assured that the recorded content would not be accessible with any other device. I motorola dcx-34xx avc panel be satisfied if they even charged for that service. As I previously said, my DCX box occasionally squares up. And I will have lost any chance of ever viewing the material again. My monthly Shaw bill is more than some people pay for their rent. If this is how they treat their friends, I wonder what they might do to their enemies.


Only the regular OVER the AIR Broadcast channels are mandated to be unblocked and transferable by the firewire port on US cable boxes, speciality cable channels which are not broadcast over the air, often carry encryption and DRM which prevents them from being downloaded or transferred via the Firewire Port. If the same motorola dcx-34xx avc panel were to apply in Canada then a handful of Canadian Produced Shows should be transferrable via the firewire port but that would be it.MOTOROLA DCXXX AV/C PANEL DRIVER - By far the best information I have found on this PVR. Broadcast rights are different in every country around the. I was recently given the DCH by Comcast and was wondering if anyone is using it with Tim Moore's Firewire recording to media center?

I've read.

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