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That whole section needs to be cached or the disk will be really unbelievably slow.

This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content. The memory is "protected" in the sense that memory segments assigned a local descriptor cannot be accessed by another program because that program uses a different LDT, and memory segments assigned a global descriptor can have ms dos xms access rights restricted, causing a processor exception e. Category : HY-8 General Information. Personal tools Create account Log in.


I don't know how well that works, or if it even works at all. With QEMM 8. OEM stands for: "Original Equipment Manufacturer", which means that the OSR2 version of Windows 95 can only be purchased in conjunction with buying a new computer or sometimes when buying a new harddisk. MS-DOS 7. Ms dos xms order of the lines should not be altered. The order above provides the best utilization of the Upper Memory.

Getting MS-DOS games to run on Windows 95: Not enough XMS handles

If you have loaded smartdrive and then start windows windows can not use the memory allocated by smartdrive, so the performance of windows will be infirior than without smartdrive. If you want to use DOS, smartdrive can be of use for you. But today hard disks are so fast, that the speed advantadge ms dos xms smartdrive is hardly noticable for normal work. Only when compiling large programs or when copying, deleting, compressing, moving many small files smartdrive has it's use. But be warned that smartdrive by default enables a write back technique.

That means that files written to the hard disk will not be written immidiately, but rather when either the cache is full or when smartdrive thinks it would be a good time to do so. But if your system crashes, before smartdrive has flushed its buffer you will have data losses. As write accesses to the FAT of your hard disk are also cached in memory you can ruin you entire hard disk! My suggestion is that you do not load smartdrive by default, but rather from command line if you want to make many file operations copy, delete etc. If you have completed your work reboot your machine after a pause of 15sec to give smartdrive time to flush its ms dos xms. After reboot smartdrive is not longer active and you're on the save side again. Windows has many ways of manipulating the system core.

Microsoft intentionally skipped "6.

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This update corrects some major bugs in DoubleSpace, introduces ScanDisk, adds automounting of compressed floppies, and a tool to uncompress DoubleSpace compressed drives. The big thing they always warn about is disk utilities that are not FAT32 aware. And that's it. The OS determines ms dos xms to use it, and you usually ms dos xms need to worry about it at all. In DOS hardware and memory access is closely related to the standards defined by the x86 architecture. HimemX Web Site.

DOS memory management - Vogons Wiki

Please provide the ad click URL, if possible:. Ms dos xms the biggest driver should be loaded first. You can see that my cd-rom driver needs about 8K, while eansi just wants 2K.


So cdrom is first followed by eansi. The shell option load an alternative command processor 4dos in this case.

DOS memory management

If you do not want 4dos, ignore this line now. Now it is time to look at the third ms dos xms in the boot process the autoexec. I have made a copy of mine again:. If you never have touched your autoexec.

So we want to order it at first. Please take some time order ms dos xms file. It will help you in the future when modifying this file again. Often programs insert lines into you autoexec.

If so, then it services the request. We have tried disabling any startup applications using msconfig, we have ms dos xms booting is safe mode, etc. A drawback to these methods is that after memory has been allocated to a program, deallocating it is usually not possible. The XMS was designed to make allocating and deallocating extended memory easier for all involved.

Namespaces Article Talk.In DOS memory management, extended memory refers to memory above the first megabyte The eXtended Memory Specification or XMS ms dos xms the specification describing the use "Overview of Memory-Management Functionality in MS- DOS". SYS is a DOS device driver which allows DOS programs to store data in extended memory via As of MS-DOS , HIMEM. SYS called XMSMMGR.

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