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Atthe CPU launches the kernel. In response, the GPU executes the kernel at and increments the coverage instrumentation counters accordingly at Nvidia instrumented counters associated with a respective code portion are updated each time the respective code portion is executed at In one embodiment, atomic instructions e. Atthe CPU copies the counter values from the GPU memory, and at calls into a library interface to record the collected coverage data including the counter values. When the execution exits, atthe CPU calls a nvidia instrumented to write the collected coverage data to an output file. In one embodiment, system may be a general-purpose computing device used to compile a program configured to be executed concurrently by a host processor and one or more device processors in parallel execution system.


You signed in with another tab or window. Configure GPU crash dump features. Optional: if you want to collect additional information via event markers or nvidia instrumented enable source-level shader mappings, you can optionally instrument the graphics application with Aftermath Library.


Inspect the crash dump data using the Nsight Graphics crash dump inspector. See the sections below for details nvidia instrumented each step of this process.

NVIDIA PerfGraph

Typically this is:. The crash dump monitor application will by default start in the background. Either set Aftermath mode to Global to enable crash dumps for all applications using the D3D12 API or selectively enable it for one or more nvidia instrumented by managing an application Whitelist. Enable Resource Tracking to enable additional driver-side resource tracking to nvidia instrumented GPU Virtual Addresses in page faults to still available or already released resources. Enable Call Stack Capturing to enable additional driver-side tracking for draw calls, dispatches, or copies, including capturing call stacks.

NOTE: As with other crash dumps, like Windows minidump nvidia instrumented, when this feature is enabled the GPU crash dump file may contain the file path for the crashing applications executable as well as the file paths for all DLLs loaded by the application. Modifying Aftermath settings requires Windows Administrator privileges. Therefore, when any of these settings are modified and applied, a User Account Control confirmation window may pop-up asking for permission to modify system settings. GPU crash dump files use the. Add the directories where binary shader files are stored to Shader Object Paths.

This allows the Aftermath Marker Call Stack View to resolve addresses to functions and source locations.

This is not an exhaustive tutorial on how to analyze GPU crash dumps, because every crash or hang nvidia instrumented different, but it should provide some hints to get started. After loading a crash dump file, it is usually a good start to check the Exception Summary on the Dump Info tab. This will show a high-level fault reason, e.

In case of a hang it makes sense to check if there is an Nvidia instrumented Warps section on the Dump Info tab showing shader activity. This could point towards an issue with very long running shader warps or shader warps being stuck in an infinite loop.


In that case the Shader View may help to root cause the problem. If the device state indicates there was a memory fault, the next step would be to look for a Page Fault nvidia instrumented on the Dump Info tab. This may help to pin point problems with out-of-bounds resource access or accessing an already deleted resource. If the nvidia instrumented was instrumented with Aftermath Event markersa Aftermath Markers section should be available on the Dump Info tab. This may help to pin point the draw or dispatch call that caused problems.

Troubleshooting fastai

Nvidia instrumented Call Stack Capturing was nvidia instrumented when capturing the GPU crash dump, Call Stack links should be available in the Aftermath Markers section, pointing to the draw, dispatch, or copy call that may be related to the problem. Last, the GPU State section on the Dump Info tab may provide some hints about which parts of the graphics pipeline were active or have faulted when the crash occurred. By default, the library and the necessary header files are shipped as part of Nsight Graphics and are installed in:.

If the application is instrumented with event markers, information about the last event markers that were processed by the GPU for each command stream will be captured into the GPU crash dump, including the user provided event data.


For mapping shader addresses to high-level shader source HLSL shaders need to be compiled with debug information and this debug information must be available during the nvidia instrumented compilation process in the driver. To enable shader source mapping the following steps are necessary:. If the application compiles shaders on-the-fly it needs to store the unstripped DXIL shader blobs to disk, too. Nsight Graphics Supports multiple activities to target your workload to the need of your work at a particular point in your development process.

Frame Debugger - allows you debug a frame by each draw call.Use Microsoft Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) to remotely control NVIDIA Quadro, GRID and NVS GPUs. NVIDIA Enterprise Management Toolkit called NVWMI lets IT administrators create scripts and programs for many administrative tasks nvidia instrumented functions such as configuring GPU. New in Support for the all-new NVIDIA GeForce GTX Nvidia instrumented X and Quadro [Windows] New command line tool for controlling driver instrumentation.

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