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For someone that has not played a PING iron in quite a while, setting up to the G15s can be quite a shock to the system.

Literally, no matter what angle you look at ping g15 offset club, the wide sole — which is even wider than before — was unavoidable. For some players this is like seeing a mustache on the Mona Lisa. For others, the bulge may be the finishing touch necessary to inspire confidence.

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This is likely going to be the feature that will determine your disdain or devotion to the G15s. Overall, traditional or classic were never words that entered my head but the combination ping g15 offset the new color scheme and Custom Tuning Port make the club quite striking and a huge improvement over the G First, I was relatively surprised to find that the feel and sound of the two irons ping g15 offset noticeably different. I would describe the G10 irons amongst the firmest clubs on the market — so firm in fact that I have complained that they would make a balata feel like an ultra distance golf ball.

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Obviously, the G15s do not have the ping g15 offset smooth feeling of a forged blade but I did find that they have a softer, crisper sound and feel. Second, I had thought at first that PING was trying to pull a fast one when it claimed that the irons had more distance.

If you look at the specs for the G15 irons and the G10 irons you should notice that PING decreased the loft of every club by one degree. When I went to the range, I was expecting to gain approximately three to five yards of distance with ping g15 offset club.

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I was pretty satisfied with myself when I literally hit almost every club in my bag three to five yards farther with the G15 than the G Fortunately, I hit the clubs using a launch monitor later on in ping g15 offset day and found out that I was hitting the ball about three to five yards farther but was completely wrong about why. If the distance could be attributed purely to the loft decrease, I should have seen a slight decrease in trajectory as well. According to the launch monitor, my launch angle was actually higher with the G15s than the G10s.

Honestly, I thought I was losing it. I thought perhaps that my swing was changing and I was biased. After randomly grabbing three other golfers to hit each of the clubs using the launch monitor Ping g15 offset found that they were having the same results. In fact, the highest handicap player had nearly a three-degree increase in trajectory with the G15s. So far, PING had kept its promise: there was a better feel and there was an increase in distance.

Well, PING did. The G15 irons ping g15 offset comically forgiving. I tried hitting the ball out of the center of the fairway, the rough, fairway bunkers, pine straw, and mud.


The result seemed to be almost the same feel and same trajectory with every shot. There was actually a point where I became so frustrated with the ping g15 offset of the clubs that I started dropping balls into a shallow puddle and seeing what the results would be. So on course, the club seemed to strike the ball very well but then again, the clubface is so big how could you miss the sweet spot?

Ping G15 Iron Review

Well, like the G15 driver, I took a nice long roll of impact tape, grabbed a few hundred golf balls, and parked myself in front of a launch monitor for an ping g15 offset. Head to head, the G15 are more forgiving than the G10 irons.

In particular:. These might seem like minor changes but I find them to be pretty significant improvements.


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True Temper Dynamic Gold Nippon N. Pro Modus 3 Ping g15 offset X LZ. I was worried about the substantial offset, but got used to that after just 1 round. I watched his youtube video and it was an eye opening experience!Like its predecessor, the G15 is an oversized iron designed for To offset the higher trajectories, PING strengthened the lofts of every iron by 1.

Hi All, I picked up a set of G15 irons (AWT reg, blue dot, -1/2") over the Your ping g15 offset with hitting the ball thin may come from the face that ping g.

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