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This program connects to a remote database and displays the contents of a timesten jdbc. For information on how to create a copy of the.


The data source section has the following format:. The data-source-name is required.

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It identifies the data source to which the driver connects. You choose this name. The driver-description is required.

It describes the driver that connects to the data source. The data store specification for TimesTen Data Manager data stores has the format timesten jdbc in Table The TimesTen Data Manager driver that is linked with the data source.

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The data store specification for TimesTen Client configurations has the format shown in Table The server-name is required. The server-DSN is required. It is the name of timesten jdbc data source to access on the TimesTen Server. Those who have done something and those who haven't.


Important: In TimesTen, any operation that ends your transaction, such as a commit or rollback, closes all cursors associated with the connection. You can specify the timesten jdbc of rows to be prefetched as follows.

This section describes the connection-level prefetch implemented in TimesTen. Note: The TimesTen prefetch count extension provides no benefit for an application using a direct connection to the database. Example Setting a prefetch count The following code uses a setTtPrefetchCount call to set the prefetch count to 10, then uses a getTtPrefetchCount call to return the prefetch count in the count variable. Binding parameters and executing statements This sections discusses how to bind input or output parameters for SQL statements. Prep aring SQL statements and setting input parameters SQL statements that are to be executed more than once should be prepared in advance by calling the Connection method prepareStatement.

Be aware of the following: The TimesTen binding mechanism early binding differs from that of Oracle Database late binding. Example Prepared statement for querying This example shows the basics of an executeQuery call on a PreparedStatement object. Example Prepared statement for updating Timesten jdbc example shows how a single parameterized statement can be substituted for four separate statements. PreparedStatement "insert into t1 values? Example Prepared statements for multiple connections This example, prepares three identical parameterized INSERT statements for three separate connections.

Note: All optimizer hints, such as join ordering, indexes and locks, must match for the statement to be shared in the internal TimesTen prepared statement cache. Also, if the prepared statement references a temp table, it is only shared within a single connection. Important: Check for SQL warnings before processing output parameters.

Connect to an Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database using Java and JDBC

In the event of a warning, output parameters are undefined. See "Handling timesten jdbc for general information about errors and warnings.

SQL structured types are not supported. Example Using an output parameter in a callable statement This example shows how to use timesten jdbc callable statement with an output parameter.

CallableStatement; import java. Connection; import java.

Types; import com. If there are warnings, output parameter values are undefined. Bin ding duplicate parameters in SQL statements TimesTen supports two distinct modes for binding duplicate parameters in a SQL statement: Oracle mode: Multiple occurrences of the same parameter name are considered timesten jdbc be distinct parameters. It can bind a different value for the occurrence.

Working with TimesTen Databases in JDBC

In either case, each timesten jdbc still has a distinct parameter position number. To use a different value for the second occurrence of a in the SQL statement above: pstmt.

For the SQL statement above, the two occurrences of a are considered to be a single parameter, timesten jdbc cannot be bound separately: pstmt. CALL proc :a, :a TimesTen does, however, support some simple input conversions: Strings can be converted to integers or floating point numbers.After you have successfully executed the TimesTen Java demos, your development environment is set up correctly and ready for you to create applications that. This page provides a set of sample programs using JDBC to access the Oracle TimesTen in-memory timesten jdbc. See the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database.

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